{ finding treasure }

I am so excited to tell you about what it is that I have been pouring my heart, soul and every spare second into over past month or two…
On the 3rd of November, my very first exhibition will be opening at Black & Spiro here in Brisbane. There will be roughly 30 of my artworks included and these will be on display (along side other many gorgeous things!) through till Christmas. 
I have named the exhibition ‘treasure’ as to me, the subjects are just that. It’s possibly quite a random collection of things – there are flowers, perfume bottles, shoes, even a bee – but my best work is always when it’s depicting something I really love, so in the end I figured why not just paint these things that I love – they are my little treasures, from the every day. I am so thrilled that I now have the opportunity to share them with others, too!
Here’s a few snippets from along the way…

I must say the time has absolutely flown since Anna & I first floated the idea a little while back, but now that it’s nearly here I couldn’t be more excited (or petrified!) about it all. Six months ago, I couldn’t possibly have imagined in my wildest dreams that this might be a reality so I really am just thrilled to be doing something that I just absolutely love. I am so so grateful to Anna for such an amazing opportunity to bring it to life, but also to my wonderful family and close friends for giving me the courage to take the plunge and just do it.
Anyway I’m three weeks out and lots to do (!) but I am hoping to stay on the blog as the next few weeks  unfold. That’s about all for now, so a happy weekend to everyone. 

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