{ a while between drinks… }

Image via cocokelley
To anyone that is a regular blogger – I mean a truly dedicated one, couple of posts a week type of a deal – then I really take my hat off to you. I know from the outset it may seem to many a trivial pastime, or an odd little world for people to get absorbed into; however it actually takes a lot more commitment and time than I realised so I just wanted to apologise for my sporadic posts and my non-up-to-dated-ness – I will work on all of this!  
So. In the spirit of my post title I thought I would now give you a snapshot of a piece I have been working on this last week. It started at the exhibition… spot the vase innovation? 
Then one sunny afternoon I was looking at some pretty pictures like this…
Image via Pinterest
… was a bit parched, having a refreshing drink, and thought why not paint the bottle?

I have now collected the finished product from the framer just this afternoon as it will be part of the final little summer batch of artworks available through Black & Spiro before Christmas. Here’s a sneak peek:
Anyway, there are just a few pieces this time but all quite colourful and summery – and I’m excited to have this new (albeit small!) release in time for Christmas! These last couple will be available from either tomorrow or the next day, so if you would like to hear about them once on sale email me. It might be a case of first in best dressed for these few (and I am now fully booked out till Christmas); but I’m taking commissions for 2012 and already excited about the new work in the pipeline. So if this sounds like you,  again just email me and we can make it happen!
Pip xx

Images 2, 4 and 5 copyright of Pip Boydell 2011.

4 thoughts on “{ a while between drinks… }

  1. Ella hi! Very kind of you and yes we definitely must catch up in the New Year. Can't wait. By the way your Red Velvet Cake looks so amazing I think I would eat the whole thing! xx


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