{ reach the beach }

Summer lovin. Via Summertime & American Honey
Lots of shells. Also from Summertime & American Honey

White broderie with a tan. Via trop-ical

Way to spend a day… kayaking in the shallows! Via w-a-v-e
Coconut gelati/ everything. Via Martha Stewart

Avo on crunchy fresh bread. Via w-a-v-e

Lounging like a lizard in the sun. Via prettystuff

Panama hats. Via say YES to hoboken

Afternoon kips. Image via w-a-v-e

Collecting shells on an evening walk. Image via Aspiring Homemaker
It’s now less than two weeks till we break for Christmas and head off for our annual beach holiday. I can’t wait. These images are what a beach holiday is to me…. sunkissed cheeks, long afternoon kips, coconut everything, late lunches and long walks on the beach at dusk. The weather forecast is looking pretty grim however I am being optimistic and dreaming of a summer that looks and feels like this!

Flinders Beach, Stradbroke Island (on any given day). 

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