{ if… }

This post is for my mum. On Friday we celebrated her 60th birthday and all that she has managed to pack into her six decades so far. My mother is a very clever woman and has done a great many wonderful things in her time (not least of which is raising four daughters!) – though I suspect not many people know just how much she’s accomplished, as she is probably the most humble and understated person I know. 
This poem – ‘If…’ by Rudyard Kipling – is her favourite. For as long as I can remember, she has turned me to these words whenever I face a tough time or decision. They are simple, wise and humbling – much like Mum.  Every year I realise more and more how fortunate I am to have such a strong and clever woman to be the example I follow in life. 
So happy, happy birthday mum! Thank you for giving us all everything that counts the most, here’s to another sixty years!
Pip xx

6 thoughts on “{ if… }

  1. Very True Natasha… I guess part of the irony of being a parent, it's not till (most of) the hard work is over that your kids start to really appreciate it all! Something for me to remember/ look forward to when I one day kids of my own :)Love to you and your family hope you're all feeling better 🙂 Pip x


  2. Thank you City Girl great to discover you too…. Ann-Maree lovely to hear from you and so glad you love the paintings! Thank you again for your support. Hope 2012 is treating you well! Pip x


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