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Favoured over time by icons like Picasso, Hemingway, Hepburn and James Dean, the Breton shirt has long been a French wardrobe staple. But it’s not just a pretty stripe – the design was actually introduced by an Act of French Parliament in 1858 as the official uniform of the French navy, and it was said that the distinctive block stripe would make it easier to spot seamen who had fallen overboard. Cute, hey! So while I don’t so much have a need for it in its lifesaving capacity, I’ve always loved anything breton and find this blue & white combo and heritage so chic and iconic. 
‘Breton Shirt’ – by Pip Boydell

 Image courtesy of Absolutely Beautiful Things
I had been itching to paint something like this for a while, so I feel quite chuffed that this one I recently completed is going to an extremely well-styled home itself. I painted this for Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things and it is going to live in her gorgeous beach house at Straddie. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Anna’s beach getaway (above is as it appeared a while ago in Country Style, and   another glimpse here) – so I’m so very pleased that it’s going to such a lovely home, no less by the sea!
I’ve had a really big few weeks and have lots of paintings completed that will popping up in various places soon, some of which will be for sale. I’ll keep you posted on all of later this week, but do look out if you’re interested in purchasing, as there are some new and different things and possibly some of my favourite pieces yet!
See you soon.
Pip xx

5 thoughts on “{ breton chic }

  1. Pip,
    I do have quite a collection of striped shirts that I adore and your artwork is wonderful.
    Enjoy the week ahead and I do look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Keep us posted.


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