{ new artwork! }

‘The Pineapple’

‘The Pineapple’… hanging on the ‘Round & Round the Garden’ wallpaper

‘Fruito Weis’ – hanging on ‘Round & Round the Garden’ wallpaper

‘Mango Weis’

‘Pattern No. 1 in Taupe’ – hanging on Rosey Posey Trellis wallpaper

And ‘The Blue Bikinis’ before heading off to the framer… these didn’t manage to stay in the shop long enough for me to photograph them on display, but thought I’d show you anyway!

I am happy to finally share with you my latest work which is on show in Black & Spiro in conjunction with the launch of Anna’s signature wallpaper range for Porters Paints. 
There are four pieces hung the display rooms, pictured here from top to bottom: ‘The Pineapple‘; ‘Fruito Weis‘; ‘Mango Weis‘; and ‘Pattern No. 1 in Taupe’. For anyone who is in Brisbane you must pop by Black & Spiro as the rooms look absolutely wonderful all papered in the new wallpaper and are bursting with beautiful things. And of course you can see the artworks for real while you are there! The Blue Bikinis were snapped up before the display officially opened by one of Anna’s clients who negotiated them into her home that day – so these are already off the floor! actually whisked it away to her home! I hear it’s a beautiful one at that though and it was a lovely surprise for it to sell so quickly. 
So, what’s for sale? Well as I mentioned the Bikini’s are already gone and the two Weis Bars were also sold the day they were put up, however ‘The Pineapple’ and the ‘Pattern in Taupe’ are both available. For anyone interested in prices or purchasing you can email me at pip_boydell@hotmail.com.
I must say, this has been my favourite lot of work to complete yet. As I am still so green in this ‘art’ world I am constantly learning and changing every day; but I think the big thing I have taken from this is that you really truly must do what you love. Weis Bars might sound an odd subject for a painting to some – but to me, there’s nothing better! – so I just did it, and I loved doing it, and they turned out just how I wanted. Plus, the lawyer who purchased them has decided to hang them in his chambers – kinda cool, hey!
I am now working on a few more pieces to replace those sold and these will be ready for later in May. In the meantime I hope you like what you see here and of course any enquiry on the above email away.
See you soon,
Pip xx

10 thoughts on “{ new artwork! }

  1. Pip,
    How beautiful are your pieces of artwork! How exciting to be having them on display at Black and Spiro. And to think that it is on April….. I wonder what is instore for you for the rest of the year. Great things I am sure. Kate 🙂


  2. Patricia Absolutley! Have just emailed you xx

    Tina- so funny you say that, I actually have something very similar to what you've mentioned in the pipeline so stay tuned!

    Laetitia and Kate thank you both wet much for your supportive comments and for stopping by!



  3. hi Pip

    well those blue bikinis are on MY wall here at my home …I am the lucky owner who snapped them up from Anna at Black and Spiro

    this beautiful image reminiscent of my childhood visits to the beach dressed in ' mother made ' beach outfits , spoke to me instantly

    and bring a smile to my heart everytime i look at them

    thank you !


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