{ cuties pies }

I’ve recently had a couple of commissions for little girls which have been heaps of fun indeed. These first two were very very dear to me, as last weekend my darling friend Z welcomed her very beautiful little girl into the world. Her name is Alula and she is beautiful! 

The giraffe just seemed like the perfect ‘friend’ for little Alula with those big eyelashes; and the ‘Goodnight Moon’ poem is one that her mum has always loved and that will surely get many recitals in Alula’s years to come – I wasn’t familiar with it till now but the words are pretty adorable! I felt so honoured to paint these two pieces to go in her (insanely fabulous) nursery and I love that they’ll be with her as she grows. Um and how great is that wallpaper by the way?!

In other news – I have developed quite an obsession with painting swimmers (as you may have guessed !) and fortunately for me I have some customers who feel the same! So I have happily obliged to a few commissions of this nature of late, here’s a snippet of a pair I have recently finished. They are so much fun to do with all their ruffles and crinkles and frills; I just wish they made them in my size!

I’ve got heaps more on the boiler at the moment as the Christmas rush sets in so I’ll keep sharing my work as I go; plus I will have some new stuff happening in a few weeks which I’m looking forward to sharing with you, too! See you soon.

Pip xx

 Images 1-5 & 7 copyright Pip Boydell; Image 6 from here at Pinterest (original source unknown sorry).

9 thoughts on “{ cuties pies }

  1. I love your painting of swimmers and clothing. They remind me of all the technical drawings I did at tafe when I studied fashion design. (but so much more pretty)!!!


  2. Hi Pip. Your work is adorable. Is there somewhere where we can see more of that nursery? I would love to see more pics of it. I especially love the gold bamboo frame you put the giraffe in. I saw that frame at the framers the other day and was instantly thinking what I could put into it. How cute.
    Thank you.


  3. Thanks Lauren my love of drawing folds and shadows always draws me to clothing – so much fun!

    Laura – isn't that nursery AMAZING – I might do a proper post once they are up as my friend (baby's mum) has amazing style. I love the bamboo finish too – and was so excited when I saw this wallpaper as it was just right! STay tuned for more pics! x


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