{ tutti frutti }

‘Passionfruit’  – original illustration & watercolour
‘Watermelon’ – original illustration & watercolour

‘Dragonfruit’ – original illustration & watercolour
Nothing screams Summer like fruit!
If you haven’t noticed, I have a bit of a penchant for anything remotely fresh and summery and Australian; plus fruit and colour are both trending in a big way right now so I was not surprised to find myself doing these three matching numbers for my recent collection at Black & Spiro.  
Since drawing and colour have become a bigger part of my life it’s natural that I pay a lot more attention to the the details in things; and it sounds such a cliche but I am truly awed and inspired by nature and what it can create. Take that dragonfruit for example – what an amazing concoction of colour, shape, and detail Mother Nature thought up there. I often imagine the early explorers chancing upon such things as they made their way through the tropics. Imagine finding this curious looking thing, slicing it open to find that white flesh speckled with tiny black seeds – only to discover that it’s delicious, too!  It’s the perfection – and imperfection – that I love in these things. The way the pineapple leaves curl are never the same; yet the tiny concentric circles of the kiwifruit seeds are never out of place. Between all these shapes and patterns and of course the brilliant colours, painting these was like living in a big juicy fruit salad – in a good way!!!!
So here are some more shots of these along the way and then also as they hang. You’ll have to mind my pics of the framed pieces (very difficult to snap front on with tthe indoor/ glass combo – big flashes get the better of me every time!) – but hopefully you can see. By the way – to anyone searching for the PERFECT blonde timber, I have found it in American Maple. It’s one of the hardest light coloured timbers you can lay your hands on which makes for long-lasting and nice sharp edges. Only trick is it comes from – well, yes, America – and is not the most economical one out there – but I can so to me it’s worth it!

Again, each of these framed originals are available for sale. If you are nearby Black & Spiro pop in to  rooms to see them for yourself, but if you’re else where and interested please email me with any enquiry at pip_boydell@hotmail.com. 
Have a happy weekend – only two more between this one and Christmas! See you again soon.
Pip x

All images and artwork copyright Pip Boydell 

3 thoughts on “{ tutti frutti }

  1. Pip it would be an understatement if I say you are very very talented. I am admiring your work from far away India and can't just keep myself from thinking about your work. you are a truly truly great artist!!!


  2. Libby- wow thank you for such kinds words! I have a long way to go but that is such a lovely compliment, and all the way from India Thank you for stopping by and I hope I can keep on creating things people enjoy! Xx


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