{ the emperor }

Introducing to you The Emperor. What do you think of him?
He’s a little different to my other subjects and it was definitely a challenge to capture the essence of these amazing creatures, but was a lot of fun and now sits as the latest addition to my collection of works in at Black & Spiro. Being something new and different I thought I would share the development of this one with you…. let me tell you there are many scales on one fish! 
… early pencil & ink… 
… many washes of colour…
… I postponed the eye until right at the end, this detail is small yet always so important to get his character right!

The final product ready to head off to the framer.
I must say, every time I paint something like this I gain a greater appreciation for Mother Nature and the design inherent in our world. The perfect mosaic of the scales, the fine, deft fins and the brilliant and pearlescent colour of the Red Emperor is amazing. I’ve already got a few bites (mind the pun!) for some more fish commissions so you may see some more here in the new year.
‘The Emperor’ – watercolour & ink available at Black & Spiro in Brisbane.
And finally, here’s the final product all framed in a beautiful pinkish oak timber. By the way he is for sale so if you’d like the details email me at pip_boydell@hotmail.com.
Well with only days to go until Christmas, it is certainly all systems go here but I promise to post again before the 25th comes. There now I’ve said it – I will have to make it happen! Until then, I hope you all have a productive and happy lead into Christmas and out of the hectic year that’s been’ and I’ll see you again soon.

Pip x

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