{ a pretty little update }

A pretty peony commission amongst some other pattern work I’ve been toying with. 
I completed this for the very lovely Kate over at Polkadot Pantry as a gift to one of her dear friends.

Another day, another peony! 
These were a commission from a wonderful group of girls to their dear friend, as her 30th birthday gift.
 I am lucky enough to call the recipient family and she is one super sparkling girl….
so these shoes (which serves as bride and bridesmaids kicks, to boot!) were very fitting, (Yes I liked all these puns too.)

I’m hoping that a couple of pretty peonies and some sparkling shoes will distract you from the fact that it has been so long since my past post – or at least tide you over till the next one!

I’ve got lots of things to share with you in the comings weeks, I say this often but this time I’m for real! 2013 is flying by but already I am really liking this year. Happy Friday to everyone, and I promise to see you soon!

Pip x

All images taken by me on my iPhone

9 thoughts on “{ a pretty little update }

  1. Totally completely and utterly stunning, Miss Pip! I loved it with all my heart and Bree was pretty thrilled too! So hard to part with it – I wanted to keep it for myself!

    Thank you for your hard work to make it so perfect, it's so lovely to work with someone who cares about the finished product and goes to all lengths to make sure it's spot on.

    I'm saving my pennies for another commission sometime soon. You are uber talented, pretty lady!

    Thanks again

    Kate xxx


  2. Laura – that is really kind of you, thank yo for reading. x

    Catthel and Cushions – do it!!! You won't regret getting back into it one bit, make the time and you thank yourself for it and I would love to see some of your work! x


  3. Kate you are too kind! Thanks so much for these lovely comments….. it was my pleasure, I'm so glad it was a success and just happy to have been able to have made it happen for you. You're always such a delight! Look forward to working on another Kate special some time soon!!!! x Pip


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