{ some recent work }

Detail of ‘Deep Garden’ 

Detail of ‘Moreton Bay Fig’ 

 ‘Deep Garden’ in progress… many veins in those frangipani leaves!

‘Deep Garden’ – 90cm x 120cm (framed)
Work-in-progress shot – these leaves took many, many layers from deep purples and browns through to fresh greens

The final piece, ‘Moreton Bay Fig’ – measured 104cm x 74cm (unframed)
It’s been a long time between posts – but I wanted to share a couple more larger commissions I’ve completed over the last few months. 
I have really enjoyed working on both of these pieces. It always begins as quite a challenge to compose these larger ones as the realism of the shadows and light is important to me; however it is inevitably difficult to find my ‘real’ references moving and fitting in the shapes I need! But of course these are the joys of art-making and why I love getting up every day to a new and different challenge. 
I will post again soon!

Pip x

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