{ sunshine coast university hospital works }

Earlier in the year, I was commissioned by the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to produce a number of works to appear in the new hospital, due to open in April 2017. The works chosen were a mix of my botanical style paintings; and being the Sunshine Coast, I couldn’t go past including a big and bright pandanus tree!

‘Pandanus II’
Three of the ‘Banksia Integriflora’ prints
‘Banksia Integriflora’ and ‘Shell ginger’ prints hot off the press

I worked with a great local specialist in fine art photography and printing to capture four of my watercolour paintings and reproduce them to large A1 size prints. They were printed on gorgeous German etching paper, and being that my chosen medium is watercolour on paper I really loved that the look and feel of the prints felt much like the originals.

It was enjoyable to work on a project a little different than my usual, and I am very humbled to have them hanging in the hospital. I cannot think of a better purpose for them than to hopefully lighten a day, or give a moment’s respite to the people within those walls.

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